Sake & Traditionals

Sake by the Glass

House Hot Sake 13 gl

Yuzu-Natural Lemon Flavor 11 gl

Ozeki-Nigori-Creamy, Strawberry, Melon 8/32 T

Yuki Strawberry Nigori 9

Ban Ryu “Ten Thousand Ways” Yamagata-Honjozo 8/36 T

Hakkaisan Niigata-Junmai Ginjo 12/40 T

Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” Junmai Daiginjo 12

Joto “72 Clocks” Hiroshima Daiginjo 13/52 T

Sake by the Bottle


Hou Hou Shou Rose Sparkling Sake 30

AWA Yuki 22

Nigori (Unfiltered) 

Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds” 300ml 27

Sayuri “Little Lilly” 300ml 20

Kurosawa Nigori 720ml 42

Snow Angel 180ml 12

Dassai 45 720ml 72

Yuki Strawberry 34

Yuki White Peach 34


Murai Tanrei 300ml 25

Kurosawa 720ml 49

Shirayuki “White Snow” 300ml 19

Shirataki Sake Junmai Noujun Jozen 300ml 32

Junmai Ginjo

Kikusui 300ml 30

Kikusui Organic 300ml 35

Momokawa “G Joy” 700ml 54

Murai Sugidama “Cedar Ball” 720ml 5

Junmai Daiginjo

Hakkaisan 720ml 68

Mu 720ml 74

Mu Black Label 720ml 100

Soto 300ml 36

Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo 720ml 76


Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday

Friday - Saturday

Sun-Thur 9:00pm-Close
Fri-Sat 10:00pm-Close

Last call for food and alcohol is 30 min. before posted closing time

Need help locating us?

2311 2nd Ave, Seattle WA 98121


Something Cooked

Sautéed sweet shishito peppers 7

*Prime angus New York Strip Tataki with mixed greens, garlic ponzu, garlic chip 16

Local fresh manila clams and mussels in spicy bonito shoyu with edamame butter bread 15

House made Shitake mushroom dumplings with sweet San-Bai-Su veggies 8

Agedashi tofu with “Nasu” Asian eggplant tempura 9

Sizzling spicy pork belly served with romaine lettuce “Ssam” 11

Grilled kalbi short ribs marinated in garlic sweet soy 13

Gyoza wasabi style – pan fried and served with spicy sesame ponzu sauce 8

Spicy shoyu marinated chicken karaage battered then crispy fried 8

Salt and pepper grilled yellowtail kama with daikon ponzu 11

Geso karaage – traditional deep-fried crispy squid legs 8

Grilled skirt steak Beef with cherry tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms in sizzling pan 9

Fried tofu with sweet and spicy tomato shoyu sauce 9

Black cod miso yaki marinated in sweet miso and broiled 14

*Avocado kamikaze stuffed with crab, spicy tuna and cream cheese tempura 14

Shrimp and vegetable tempura 14

Fried calamari on bed of greens with garlic ponzu 11

Braised short ribs simmered in sweet garlic soy with daikon 15

Something Fresh

*Crispy rice topped with spicy salmon 9

*1⁄2 dozen local fresh half shell oyster with rice vinegar spicy sake icy mignonette 14

*Hamachi carpaccio with fresh squeezed lime shoyu, jalapeno, tobiko and spicy sesame oil 14

*Sashimi taco in house made wasabi style taco shells with sweet wasabi sauce 13

Cucumber and seaweed sunomono with choice of shrimp, octopus or snow crab 11

*Poke in wasabi style with greens with onion, tobiko, seaweed and avocado 15
 (Choice of ahi tuna, salmon, albacore, escolar
or combo)

*Prime angus beef tartar with garlic soy and Asian pear 18

*Oyster shooter with spicy ponzu, tobiko and quail egg 3/shot

*Usuzukuri traditional style thin sliced sh in Ponzu with shiso and green onion 19

*Creamy Snow crab wrapped in salmon with sweet sesame soy and black tobiko 13

*Ahi tuna tataki wrapped with nori and seared ponzu and wasabi aioli 14

*“Negi Toro spoon full” chopped blue n Toro w/rice, green onion, black tobiko and yukhoe sauce 15