Something Cooked

Pan seared Albacore tataki over 7 spiced salads, roasted garlic ponzu 18

Spicy garlic edamame 7.5

Sautéed sweet shishito peppers 9

*Prime angus Filet Mignon Tataki with grilled asparagus, garlic ponzu, garlic chip 23

House made Shitake mushroom dumplings with sweet San-Bai-Su veggies 10

Agedashi tofu with “Nasu” Asian eggplant tempura 10

Grilled kalbi short ribs marinated in garlic sweet soy 17

Gyoza wasabi style – pan fried and served with spicy sesame ponzu sauce 12

Chicken karaage spicy shoyu marinated, battered then crispy fried 12

Salt and pepper grilled yellowtail kama with daikon ponzu 17

Geso karaage – traditional deep-fried crispy squid legs 10

Grilled skirt steak Beef with cherry tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms in sizzling pan 16

Fried tofu with sweet and spicy tomato shoyu sauce 10

Black cod miso yaki marinated in sweet miso and broiled 18

*Avocado kamikaze stuffed with crab, spicy tuna and cream cheese tempura 14

Shrimp and vegetable tempura 16

Fried calamari on bed of greens with garlic ponzu 14


Something Fresh

*Aburi sokomutsu with jalapeno slices, garlic ponzu sauce 12

*Crispy rice with spicy salmon, green onion, tobiko, teriyaki sauce 11

*1⁄2 dozen local fresh half shell oyster with rice vinegar spicy sake icy mignonette 20

*Hamachi carpaccio with fresh squeezed lime shoyu, jalapeno, tobiko and spicy sesame oil 15

Cucumber and seaweed sunomono with choice of shrimp, octopus or snow crab 14

*Poke salad in wasabi style with greens with onion, tobiko, seaweed and avocado 17
(Choice of ahi tuna, salmon, albacore, escolar
or combo)

*Oyster shooter with spicy pineapple ponzu, tobiko and quail egg 7/shot

*Usuzukuri traditional style thin sliced fish in ponzu with shiso and green onion 19

*Creamy Snow crab wrapped in salmon with sweet sesame soy and black tobiko 13

*Tropical salmon carpaccio with shiso, orange, strawberry, and mango salsa 13


*Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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Fri-Sat 10:00pm-Close

Last call for food and alcohol is 30 min. before posted closing time

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