Izakaya Selection

GF *Hamachi Carpaccio – 14
Thin sliced yellowtail with pineapple citrus spicy sauce

GF *Red Snapper – 14
With onion, sprout radish, green onion, orange zest and hot grape seed oil

*Wild Sockeye Usuzukuri – 14
With momiji oroshi, shiso, tobiko, green onion, jalapeno and garlic ponzu

*Ahi Tuna Tataki – 14
Wrapped with nori and lightly fried. serve with shiso pesto, mustard, cilantro

*Sashimi Taco – 12
Four tacos with diced tuna and salmon on wonton shell, with sweet & spicy wasabi sauce

*Beef Tataki – 15
Northwest certified black angus tenderloin with roasted garlic ponzu

Black Cod Misoyaki – 14
Marinated in sweet miso sauce and broiled

Shitake Mushroom Dumpling – 8
White mushroom, shitake, onion, carrot and celery roots diced in wonton then simmered in sanbaisu sauce

Pan Seared Crispy Chicken – 12
With rosemary, shitake, enoki, oyster mushroom and soy sake sauce

GF *Half shell oyster – 13
Order by 1/2 dozen (seasonal)

Avocado Kamikaze – 13
Tempura avocado stuffed with spicy tuna and crab meat

GF Sautéed Sweet Shishito Pepper – 6
With sausage and dry fish flakes

Buttery Steamed Mussel or Clam – 7
Mediterranean Mussel or Clam with sake and basil lemon

Agedashi Tofu – 8
With shrimp & eggplant, lightly fried with sweet soy bonito broth

Fried Calamari – 9
Lightly fried with salt and pepper, on a bed of mixed greens with garlic ponzu in a wonton shell

Cheese Stuffed Pork Katsu – 7
With red ginger and grilled shishito pepper

Gyoza – 7
Chicken and vegetable pot sticker(steamed or fried)

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura – 12
Lightly battered and deep fried

Sizzling Spicy Pork Belly – 8
Marinated in Korean style spicy sauce

Chicken Skewer – 7

Beef Skewer – 7

Sweet and Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings – 7

Wasabi Sliders – 6
Black angus patty and lettuce with teriyaki sauce

Grilled Short Ribs – 8
Marinated in sweet soy with garlic

Takoyaki – 7
Dashi flavored batter filled with octopus, served with red ginger

Geso Karaage – 7
Squid legs lightly breaded, served with spicy mayo

Chicken Karaage – 7
Fried chicken marinated in garlic, ginger with sake batter

GF marks indicate Gluten Free
*Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.