Sake & Traditionals


Specialty Sake

Shirayuki – “White Snow” Draft 300ml – 18
kumamoto – Nama – Dry, pear, ocean, candied fruit, clean

Hakutsuru Draft 300ml – 11
hyogo – Nama – Medium dry, fresh, smooth, light, fruity

Mio 300ml – 24
nada-sparkling sweet, fruity, lemon, soft

HouHou Shu Rose 300ml – 27
okayama-sparkling slightly sweet, rose petals, hibiscus flowers

Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki 360ml – 38
akita – made from purple rice, pleasant, crisp acidity, and light

Sake by the Glass

House Hot Sake – 4.5 sm / 7 lg

Ozeki Nigori – 7 gl / 32 tokkuri
creamy, strawberry, melon

Moonstone Asian Pear – 7 gl/ 32 tokkuri

Kuroushi “Black Bull” – 13 gl/52 tokkuri
omachi-junmai ginjo white muscat grapes & citrus fruits aroma.

Kokuryu “Black Dragon” – 12 gl/48 tokkuri
fukui-junami ginjo deeply mysterious flavor, rich and welcoming

Hananomai – 13 gl/52 tokkuri
shizuoka-junmai daiginjo full, pineapple, gold kiwi, tropical

JOTO “72 Clocks” – 13 gl/52 tokkuri
hiroshima-junmai daiginjo soft, clean, green apple

Michinoku Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” – 11 gl/44 tokkuri
miyagi-honjozo green apple, strawberry jam, cinnamon

Ban Ryu “Ten Thousand Ways” – 8 gl/32 tokkuri
yamagata-honjozo clean, crisp, soft, floral hints

Harushika Extra Dry – 12 gl/48 tokkuri
light and smooth, extra dry, medium body, mild citrus flavor

Bartender’s Omakase Sake Sampler

3 kinds of sake selected by the bartender to your preference – 18
ask server for details


Zipang 250ml – 17
kyoto – sparkling junmai – off dry, crisp, lemon, green apple, wild

Tanrei 300ml – 24
shimane – tokubetsu junmai – dry, melon, pear, kiwi, complex

Kurosawa 720ml – 47
nagano – junmai kimoto – dry, orange rind, green tea, nutty, flinty

Otokoyama 720ml – 65
hokkaido – junmai – dry, roses, anise, ripe fruit, complex

Hakutsuru Organic 720ml – 30
hyogo-junmai-dry, Caramel, Grains, Banana, Layered

Junmai Ginjo

Momokawa – “G Joy” 300ml – 28
oregon – junmai ginjogenshu – bold, full fruit and earth tones

Watari Bune 55 “Ferry Boat” 300ml – 32
ibaraki – junmai ginjo – dry, rich, honeydew, pineapple, nuts, deep

Yaemon 300ml – 31
fukushima – junmai ginjo – dry, honey, green apples, star fruit, refined

Ty Ku Black 720ml – 65
nara – junmai Ginjo – dry, peach, spice, smooth, long finish

Sugidama “Cedar Ball” 720ml – 55
aomori – junmai ginjo – dry, cedar, melons, full, earthy

Junmai Daiginjo

Tenryo Koshu 300ml – 37
gifu – junmai daiginjo – dry, melons, herbs, white flowers, refined

Hakkaisan 720ml – 56
niigata – junmai daiginjo – classic, spicy nose of apple and roasted nut, clean finish

Chokaisan 720ml – 90
akita – junmai daiginjo – bright, luscious and brewed with proprietary flower yeast, notes of pear, blueberry and anise are blend beautifully with the floral aroma

Mu 720ml – 70
hyogo – junmai daiginjo – dry, honeydew, lemongrass, anise, silky

Mu “Black Label” 720ml – 120
hyogo – junmai daiginjo – dry, melons, chrysanthemum, harmonious

Nigori (Unfiltered)

Rihaku – “Dreamy Clouds” 300ml – 27
shimane – tokubetsu junmai nigori – dry, creamy, berries, cantaloupe, balanced

Sayuri “Little Lilly” 300ml – 17
kobe – junmai nigori – slightly sweet, cloudy, crisp, melon, lemon, vanilla

Shochikubai – “Cream De Sake” 300ml – 17
kansai – nigori – full, pleasantly smooth, complex and sweet texture

Yaegaki Nigori 720ml – 39
hyogo – nigori – opaque, creamy, aromas of freshly sliced red radish, white peppercorn, and ripe pineapple, medium body and a mango, chalk, and pineapple sauce finish


Shochu has been a popular drink in Japan for many years. Called “Japan’s answer to vodka,” shochu
is distilled, rather than brewed like sake. As with vodka, shochu’s main ingredient can differ
depending on the region where it is produced. The most common ingredients are; sweet potato,
barley, soba, and sugar cane. Each imports a distinctive flavor with subtle differences.
There are two different categories of shochu. The highest grade is known as Honkaku or “single
distilled” shochu. The main ingredient is distilled only once, in a pot still, to an alcohol content of
45% or less, and much like a single malt scotch, the flavors of the main ingredient and skills of the
master distiller play a large role in the final product. Kurui or “multiply distilled” shochu is shochu
that has been distilled multiple times, in a patent still, with an alcohol content of 36% or less.
Shochu can be enjoyed several ways; neat, on the rocks, with hot water, or with a splash of soda.
As with any other alcohol, it’s up to you to find your favorite way to drink shochu.

Hakutake “Shiro” – 9
kumamoto – rice, clean smooth dry finish

Makaki Windows “Whiskey Soaked” – 13
kagoshima – 82% barley, 18% rice, hints of whiskey with barley, finish with brown sugar taste

Tombo Mugi – 11
barley, smooth with notes of plum and melon