Wasabi Specialty Cocktails

Ginger Vs Bourbon – 9
Tin cup whiskey, ginger liquor, ginger beer with fresh ginger and lime wedge

Brown Sugar Old Fashion – 14
Angels envy, simple syrup, angostura bitters, orange zest, cherry

Something “Shaun” Made – 10
Silver tequila, sombra mezcal, ruby red grapefruit juice, lime juice, grapefruit bitter

Tokyo Mule – 10
Windows “whiskey soaked” shochu, fresh lime juice, topped with ginger beer

Bordeaux’s “Million Dollar” Blood Orange Manhattan – 50
Cask Strength Angels envy, bordeaux cherry juice, orange vermouth, blood orange twist

Harmony – 16
Glass nectar vodka, fresh lemon squeezed, fat lemon zest

I-Ke Ahi “Made of Fire” – 15
151 soaked pineapple blowtorched with jalapeno then infused with patron silver tequila and served with quava soda and lime, then lit on fire

Mai Tai – 11
Spiced and coconut rum. fresh pineapple juice and oj serve on the rocks with bordreaux cherry juice and amaretto foam

WASABI Signature Cocktail